Every Monday night from 7-9pm ImprovCity offers drop-in improv classes. Whether you're brand new to improv and just want to try it out, or are a returning pro, come and learn more of the craft that we do. There is no sign up and you can come any Monday that you are free. Come to one, come to them all. Cost is $10 per class. Must be at least sixteen years of age.


Did you know that ImprovCity also works with local schools to develop improv and other arts that incorporate improv into after school curriculums? With emphasis on fun, students also learn team-building, public speaking skills, going with their first instinct, not being afraid to fail and confidence in decision making. Workshops and performances work around the school and students schedules, so it does not interfere with academics or other after school activities.Contact us for more information to bring ImprovCity to your school.

ImprovCity High workshops focus on the principles of improvisation and how they are used in everyday applications of life. Workshops can be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Students are taught numerous improv comedy games and will get the chance to perform in professional shows for their family, school, faculty and fellow students.